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EXO Drop Their New Music Video ‘Ko Ko Bop’!

EXO MV ‘Ko Ko Bop’

EXO released their new MV “Ko Ko Bop” of their 4th full album ‘The War‘!

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“THE WAR” has been released, it contains 9 tracks, including “Ko Ko Bop” The summer song with rhythmical reggae and bass guitar sounds. The lyrics writing by Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun. The MV was Spirited with EXO’s members exciting dance and sound of music.

Check out the MV above!!

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EXO reveal new MV teasers ‘Ko Ko Bop’ of The 4th album “THE WAR”!

EXO The 1st Kpop boy group ranked #1 on iTunes WAC with “THE WAR”!