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11 Kpop songs to listen to in quarantine.

Kpop songs

Kpop songs to listen to in quarantine

Being stuck at home during quarantine due to COVID-19 lockdown can be a challenge.
For most of us, being in quarantine is a new experience, we’ve never known a life of strictly working or studying from home, not being able to visit friends or family, and only going out for groceries.
We all need some fun, especially these days. Having fun inside four walls is not that difficult as you may think.
If you are having problems with finding in-home activities to cheer yourself up and constantly googling “What to do at home?”.
We recommend you to enjoy listening to some Kpop Songs to get rid of boredom and help you to be more active.
So here are 11 kpop songs to listen to in quarantine!!

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Dalla Dalla is a really an iconic and fresh song that was released in 10 February 2019 and reached 185M views till now.

Side Effects

Side Effects is a super addictive song with a rare music sound this MV was released in 19 June 2019 and reached 39M views.


This is an amazing and fabulous song released in 25 July 2019 and reached 60M.


“gogobebe” is the title track of the girl group’s 9th mini album ‘White Wind‘, which is the final installment of their ‘Four Seasons Four Colors Project. The MV was realesed in 14 March 2019 and as the fan’s describe it, it was breathtaking video.


Psycho is an unconventional love song, where the members sing about their dark romantic relationship, and how other people think they are crazy. However the song still amazing with a great background, three colors dominate it, wich is: black, grey and violin.

Run Away

“Run Away” is a synth-pop track with a fun 1980s sound, where the lyrics encourage the listener to run away with them to a special place which is only theirs. the song is full of movement, we feel comfortable and we start to feel courage to reach our goals.

Feel Special

Hinting on the hardships that the group experienced through the years, it was revealed that the song is about “overwhelming moments of joy given by loved ones” and it aims to send words of strength. and I think that this is the most sensitive song because it encourages people who are in such a low mood to keep going on, and it makes them feel better.


The way the song is written is really wonderful, plus when the voices of the singers mix with this deep voice it gives chills because really, it’s cool and as the fans say this MV is so hot.

Kill This Love

In this song, the force which the girls release is really incredible, their movements are in synchronism, the song is completely perfect. Colors give courage just like words,
really amazing.

Say My Name

Say My Name is such a great song and one of the songs that you should listen to in that time it gonna help you to take of the laziness and boredom. The song is the title track of the boys’ upcoming release ‘Treasure Pt. 2: Zero To One‘.

Boy With Luv

The song is the title track of their album ‘Skool Luv Affair‘, which the members themselves had a hand in. This MV is about boys who have a crush, it’s really incredible, everything in the song and MV is amazing.

These are the best 11 Kpop songs to listen to in quarantine when you’re not trying to do anything at all, which is fitting right now. I hope you enjoy it. Which one is your favorite?

What do you think?

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