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TWICE is the only Kpop girl group to ever reach the 200 million views on a MV!

TWICE has surpassed 200 million views in two MVs!


No one can stop TWICE!

TWICE always release a great songs, beginning with “Like OOH-AHH” to their last comeback with “Signal“. All their MVs had surpassed the 100 million views on YouTube, except “Signal” which will soon reach the 100M views.

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Their 1st MV which has surpassed the 200 million views was “TT”, so it’s the first kpop girl group MV to reach the 200 million views in less than a year.

Now TWICE’s MV for “Cheer Up” also surpassed the 200M views, and thus becomes the 2nd kpop girl group MV to reach the 200 million views. TWICE celebrating “Cheer Up” MV surpassing 200M views in a tweet on twitter.

Congrats to TWICE!!


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