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BTS 1st ranking in brand value for boy groups & Apink for girl groups in July

BTS and Apink Top groups in terms of brand value for July!

BTS and Apink are the top kpop group in terms of brand value for July.

For the boy groups, BTS is top of the ranking with a total of 11,157,291 points, followed by EXO with 10,121,903 points and in the third place was Seventeen with 8,832,262 points. This rank by Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation.

The top 10 boy groups was, in order, BTS, EXOSeventeenSechskies, Highlight, SHINee, NCTF.T. Island, VIXX, ASTRO.

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As for the the girl groups, and by a ranking from The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, APINK is top of the ranking in terms of brand value with a total of 6,171,154 points, followed by MAMAMOO with 6,125,777 points and in the third place was TWICE with 6,050,910 points.

The top 10 girl groups was, in order, Apink, MAMAMOO, TWICEBlackpinkT-araCosmic GirlsNine MusesStellarAOARed Velvet.

Congrats to BTS and APINK.

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