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EXO win #1 on ‘Music Bank’ and 3RD win for “Ko Ko Bop”!

EXO today winner on ‘Music Bank’!

EXO continue their success and took the 3rd win for “Ko Ko Bop” on ‘Music Bank‘.

On July 28th, During ‘Music Bank’ weekly show, many groups are comeback like LABOUM with “Only U“, Shannon with “Hello“, Turbo with “Hot Sugar“. Also some groups made their debut like P.O.P with “Catch You“, MYTEEN with “Amazing” and Favorite with “Party Time“.

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The nominees of this episode were Red Velvet and EXO, But the winner was EXO with total of 12181 points, while Red Velvet got 6821 points.

Congratulations to EXO!

Check out the win of EXO in video below!

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