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Kpop Leaders Poll: Who is the most popular male kpop leader?

Kpop Leaders Poll – Most Popular Male Leader

Kpop Leaders Poll

Kpop Leaders Poll – Who is the most popular male kpop leader?

In every k-pop group, must exist a leader, who leads the group, introduces and closes interviews and take the responsibility. Usually he is the oldest member or longest trained. In this kpop leaders poll we choose these 20 kpop idols to see who is the most popular kpop leader. So Vote for your favorite and share with your friends to vote.

Kpop Leaders Poll

From left to right, Vote your favorite:

1- BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon

2 – BTS‘ Rap Monster

3 – GOT7‘s JB

4 – EXO‘s Suho

5 – SHINee‘s Onew

6 – VIXX‘s N

7 – SEVENTEEN‘s S.coups

8 – Block B‘s Zico

9 – Super Junior‘s Leeteuk

10 – BTOB‘s Eunkwang

11 – B.A.P‘s Yongguk

12 – WINNER‘s Seungyoon

13 – iKON‘s B.I

14 – INFINITE‘s Sunggyu

15 – 2AM‘s Jo Kwon

16 – FT Island‘s JongHoon

17 – B1A4‘s Jinyoung

18 – Teen Top‘s C.A.P

19 – Shinhwa‘s Eric

20 – CNBlue‘s Yonghwa

We hope you like this kpop leaders poll, Vote now and Share for other vote.


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Who is the most popular male kpop leader?

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  1. everyone deserve to be a great leader . . but for me LEETUEK is the best . . he really did a great job for being the leader of Super Junior. He is just PERFECT 😍😍❤❤


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