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EXO win #1 on ‘Show Champion’ and 5th Win for ‘Ko Ko Bop’!

EXO today winner with “Ko Ko Bop” on ‘Show Champion’!

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EXO Ko Ko Bop MV

EXO today winner on ‘Show Champion‘ and took their 5th win for “Ko Ko Bop”!

On this episode, the nominees were Red Velvet with Red Flavor“, Akdong Musician with “Dinosaur“, EXO with “Ko Ko Bop”, Zico with “Artist“, and Heize with “You, Clouds, Rain“. But the winner of this episode was EXO, and they took their 5th win for “Ko Ko Bop”.

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EXO didn’t present in this episode unfortunately, but the MC will send the trophy to them.

Check out their Win on the video below.

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