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Red Velvet’s Joy revealed why she cried during talking with Blackpink’s Rosé!

Red Velvet’s Joy cried while eating with Blackpink!

Red Velvet's Joy

Red Velvet‘s Joy appeared the reason for her crying during eating with Blackpink!

During a interview with Red Velvet on ‘Lee Suji’s Gayo Plaza‘, The softest heart as Red Velvet’s member described Joy revealed the reason for her burst into tears while talking with Blackpink‘s Rosé.

Joy said, “I will tell you all the story. Yesterday we ate with Blackpink’s members, and Rosé Was setting in front of me. I start talking with her and the topic was our moms, that’s really hurts my heart and we start crying…”.

She added, “Rosé was really warm while she listened to my story, so I was touched. She was very nice”.

In the last she thanked Rosé and said, “I haven’t dropped my honorifics yet”.

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