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Latest news about EXO and BTS comeback 2017!

EXO and BTS comeback 2017!

EXO & BTS Comeback

EXO and BTS will make their comeback in the next few days!

EXO, and as reportedly they will make their comeback on September 4th, it will be a repackage to “Ko Ko Bop” according to the saying of Baekhyun. The dates are still in discussion but the date we mentioned already may be the specific.

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And about BTS, there were many rumors that they will coming back on September 18th, but Big Hit Entertainment denied that. Where Big Hit Entertainment said that BTS is preparing for their comeback and they added that there are multiple dates in consideration for BTS comeback but they did not choose the exact date.

However, the most important that the both of the groups will comeback probably in September.

Stay tuned for more news about EXO & BTS comeback!


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