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Top 5 Kpop MVs with The Most Views in The First 24 hours

Top 5 Kpop Music Video’s with the most views in the first 24 hours (Updated)

With the recent comeback of BTS, A new record appeared, breaking all previous records for the most viewed kpop group MV in first 24 hours, Even the record of BLACKPINK‘ MV “As If It’s Your Last”. let’s check out the top 5 kpop MV of the most views in the first 24 hours.

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5. BTS – Spring Day – 9.40 Million Views

4. TWICE – Knock Knock – 9.80 Million Views

3. BTS – Not Today – 10.97 Million Views

2. BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last – 13.48 Million Views


1. BTS – DNA – 21 Million Views

BTS’ MV “DNA” has achieved great success. The MV set a new record and he still gaining more views. Now we are waiting for any kpop group’s comeback can break this record.

Which kpop group can break this record?

What do you think?

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  1. I know that Blackpink has more views but there views doesnt came with their own work because YG is already popular when they are already debut that`s why they have more views than TWICE and BTS
    while BTS and TWICE came with their own work because JYP and BigHit aren’t popular that time and they became popular because of TWICE and BTS



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