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Will the mullet hairstyle becoming a trend for idols?

The mullet hairstyle being the most used from idols!

Recently, The mullet hairstyle being the most used from K-pop male idols!

1- G-Dragon

In the first, there are G-Dragon at his solo concert. He Appeared with a mullet hairstyle. it Fit with him, many G-Dragon fans liked this new look.

2- Block B’s Zico

Block B‘s Zico with a blonde mullet cut at the airport.

3- VIXX‘s N

At VIXX‘s performance, N look like G-Dragon.


DΞΔN also joined the mullet team.

5- WINNER‘s Song Min Ho

Song Min Ho also did a mullet haircut that shown after he lost a ping-pong bet on ‘New Journey to the West 4‘ and forced to shave his head.

6- EXO‘s Baekhyun

The last is Baekhyun, The latest EXO’s comeback teaser show that Baekhyun also had a Red mullet haircut.

Many Fans liked this great Haircut but others didn’t like it and worried that this hairstyle will start to trend among non-celebrities.

What’s your opinion, Do you like “The mullet hairstyle” or no?

Do you like "The mullet hairstyle" or no?

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