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Red Velvet’s Wendy become extremely thin with dieting.

Wendy’s thin are matter of concern!!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy becoming too far with her dieting.

Red Velvet Wendy


On July 12, on Red Velvet’s performance at ‘Show! Champion‘, show out that Wendy’s stomach was empty and she didn’t have any fat on her stomach, where everyone can even see her rib bones. Wendy’s thin figure reached a point of worry. This is due to plenty of preparation for Red Velvet’s comeback and the great work they are doing to emerge wonderfully.

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Many fans are worried about her. they stated, “Wendy was pretty and cute but how she got criticized a lot for her weight, it’s unfortunate…“. Others are surprised about that, they stated, “Are those rib bones???”.

Red Velvet Wendy

What do you think about that?

Reminder recently Red Velvet returned with mini album ‘The Red Flavor‘.

What do you think?

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